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The Rally Point West Palm Beach drug and alcohol rehab has recently become an in-network provider with USA Managed Care Organization (USA MCO), making it even easier for individuals struggling with addiction to receive the help they need to get started with their recovery. Read on for information about using your USA MCO insurance to attend drug rehab, why it’s a good idea to attend a residential rehab, and why gender-specific rehab programs often provide the best long-term outcomes for clients.

USA MCO Insurance for Drug Rehab

The USA Managed Care Organization is a privately held healthcare organization with providers in 47 states around the country. It provides integrated services that encompass the full range of healthcare, including substance abuse treatment programs. If you are a member of USA MCO and are looking for treatment for addiction, contact USA MCO to find out the details regarding your coverage.

Benefits of Attending an Inpatient Drug Rehab

USA MCO makes attending an inpatient addiction treatment center away from your home a possibility. There are some great reasons to consider a residential facility for your treatment, here are a few:

  • No distractions
  • Around-the-clock support and care
  • Increased success rates
  • Added privacy
  • Higher likelihood of completing the program
  • Farther away from potential triggers
  • More personalized and specialized services

As you are considering rehab facilities, consider Rally Point Palm Beach as a possibility. Located in West Palm Beach, we experience beautiful weather all year-round, which has been found to be helpful to those in recovery. At Rally Point, you’ll find treatments and therapies that address the mind, body, and soul of clients. We offer adventure therapies, art therapy, yoga, and meditation, along with all the effective traditional addiction treatment techniques.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment Centers

Gender-specific addiction treatment programs have benefits that other, mixed-gender facilities don’t. That’s why Rally Point is a male-only facility. Men in addiction often suffer from different underlying issues than women. For example, men may have problems with anger, emotional distance, and legal issues, while women experience sexual abuse, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships more often than men. Additionally, many men wait longer to get help for addiction than women do, which makes their treatment needs different.

Gender-specific treatment programs offer the following benefits:

  • Better success rates
  • More open communication
  • No distractions (romantic or sexual interests), which allows for increased focus on recovery
  • Easier to relate to members of the same gender, making sharing experiences and issues easier
  • Deeper bonds and support for peers
  • Stronger after-care support

At Rally Point, we are committed to providing the best care for the men who attend treatment here. Additionally, we are dedicated to helping veterans and active-duty military personnel suffering from addiction. Visit our Veterans Help Center to learn about the resources we offer veterans and their families.

Addiction Recovery with USA MCO and Rally Point

If you are struggling with drug or alcohol addiction and have USA MCO health insurance, Rally Point can help you. We have outpatient and inpatient treatment programs that will help you get started with your life of recovery. Call us at (888) 797-2559 or chat with a representative online for more information or to get started.

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