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Did you know that Rally Point is an approved TRICARE provider center for drug or alcohol addiction treatment in Florida? It’s true. We are able to help military members and their families with substance abuse treatment coverage at our West Palm Beach male-only rehab facilities using their TRICARE alcohol treatment insurance coverage.

At Rally Point, we are dedicated to helping veterans and their families, we even have several veterans here on-staff. If you or a male loved one is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction treatments, our health treatment services can help.

Addiction Treatment with TRICARE Insurance

TRICARE insurance coverage has gone through some changes fairly recently. It’s now managed in two regions – Humana Military is the East Region and Health Net Federal Services is the West Region. To become a TRICARE certified provider, alcohol addiction treatment center must go through a credentialing process. Because we are committed to providing services to veterans and their families, Rally Point has gone through that process and attained certification. We are able to accept military members and their family members for substance abuse treatment using their TRICARE insurance coverage policies.

We currently accept the following TRICARE insurance plans:

  • Reserve Select
  • Retired Reserve
  • Select
  • Select Overseas
  • Prime
  • Prime Remote
  • Prime Overseas
  • Prime Remote Overseas
  • Young Adult
  • For Life
  • US Family Health Plan

We feel that veterans and their families who have alcohol addiction problems have more than enough to deal with, worrying about how to pay for alcohol addiction treatment shouldn’t be added to their plates. While you are in alcohol addiction treatment, you will be able to focus on what’s important – your coverage recovery and your family get better.

Dealing with Trauma and Substance Abuse

Many veterans, especially those who have seen combat, develop post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) due to traumas they experienced while in the services. PTSD is a psychiatric disorder that some people develop after experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event. While some people who experience something traumatic are able to return to their normal lives after some time passes, there are many who develop PTSD as a result and their symptoms progress. The anxiety and stress they feel does not go away.

This unresolved trauma can significantly disrupt an individual’s daily life and the lives of his family members. A person who has PTSD may experience nightmares and flashbacks of the event that are vivid and feel real. They may suffer from panic attacks, bad memories, and serious sleep problems. The symptoms of PTSD often lead sufferers to attempt to self-medicate the distress they are feeling. That’s why a significant number of war veterans begin to abuse drugs or alcohol addiction treatments. They only want to escape the intrusive thoughts and feelings they have due to the trauma they suffered.

If you are a combat veteran who is suffering from any of the symptoms of PTSD, and you’re using drugs or alcohol to help you deal with the symptoms, or just to be able to sleep, we can help you. Many clients who come to Rally Point for drug addiction treatment also have mental health conditions like PTSD. We are able to provide you with treatment and therapy for co-occurring disorders, to help you get your life back on track without the need to self-medicate with alcohol or drugs.

Benefits of Getting Substance Abuse Treatment In West Palm Beach

Whether you live in the West Palm Beach area or anywhere else in the country, there are some real benefits to attending treatment at Rally Point. We have a caring, compassionate, and supporting health treatment staff who make our clients feel loved and cared for, in a family-like environment.

If you live away from West Palm Beach, you’ll find that traveling for your treatment offers a variety of benefits for out-of-state patients. You’ll be in a whole new environment, with no distractions, allowing you to focus solely on your program and recovery. Additionally, you’ll enjoy:

  • Personalized attention
  • More privacy
  • Higher likelihood of completing the program
  • Higher success rates
  • More specialized services

The West Palm Beach area is beautiful. You’ll enjoy a scenic landscape and warm weather, no matter what time of year you come. Receiving treatment away from your hometown allows you to start over in a completely new environment, away from the people, places, and things that may trigger a relapse. The weeks that you spend at Rally Point West Palm Beach will be packed with the education, therapy, and other therapeutic activities that will help you begin your recovery.

We provide unique services including yoga, adventure therapy, outdoor activities, meditation, painting, and even fishing right on-site. Our rehab facilities themselves are pretty unique as well. We provide our clients with all the comforts of home including a full kitchen, air-conditioning, flat-screen HDTVs, washer and dryer, basketball court, swimming pool, therapy dog, and more.

Why We’re A Male-Only Addiction Facility

We are a gender-specific rehab facility for men only. We believe that there are several important advantages that our clients experience that they wouldn’t at a mixed-gender facility. Take a look at the following benefits of gender-specific drug for alcohol addiction treatment:

  • Improved focus on recovery – Physical or sexual attractions can be a huge distraction during the recovery process. Attending a gender-specific treatment program eliminates that distraction and allows clients to focus completely on their recovery and offering the right type of peer support to other clients.
  • More comfort and support – Most people tend to gravitate toward the same gender for friendships and the opposite gender for romantic or sexual relationships. Being around only people of the same gender takes the potential for romance or sex out of the equation, which makes it easier to be open and honest.
  • Improved ability to identify with others – In the treatment setting, bonds are formed quickly among clients who are able to identify with each other. Men are going to be able to identify more with other males than with females because there are certain life perspectives that are gender-specific.

Get Solid Support System in Addiction Treatment

Having a solid support system service while in addiction treatment is a huge benefit to clients. Attending a gender-specific facility is one of the best ways to provide that support. Clients at Rally Point will receive a more personalized treatment service than they would at a typical mixed-gender facility.

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs for veterans and their families are designed to help our military heroes get their health coverage recovery started and achieve long-lasting sobriety. Call us or email us today to get started!

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