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If your loved one is suffering from an alcohol addiction, there’s no question whether he or she should seek out one of the top alcohol rehab centers in Florida. But how can you tell if someone’s drinking habits really constitute as an addiction? Well, alcohol addiction is complicated. It comes in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to be able to identify the different kinds. Here are the 5 types of alcoholism to keep in mind.

  1. Young adult: This subtype makes up 31.5 percent of alcoholics in the United States. These people are often in their late teens or early/mid twenties and consider drinking a “good time.” They don’t drink as often as others, but they do tend to drink more.
  2. Young antisocial: This group includes people who fit the criteria for antisocial personality disorder and/or other mental health conditions. Only about one-third of these people will seek help.
  3. Functional: This type of alcoholism usually develops in middle age. On the outside, functional alcoholics seem to have a safe and healthy relationship with alcohol. In reality, they have an addiction and are harming their bodies.
  4. Intermediate familial: Those who have a family history of alcoholism usually suffer from this type. Not only did they grow up observing alcoholic behavior, but they are often genetically predisposed to addiction.
  5. Chronic Severe: This is the most problematic type of alcoholism and includes people who drink heavily each day. These types of alcoholics form a dependency on alcohol that affects their health, work and personal relationships.

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