Treatment Therapies


Rally Point Palm Beach Rehab is accredited by The Joint Commission, which sets the standards for quality and safety of patient care. We are committed to providing you with the most therapeutic and remarkable treatment experience possible.

Remarkable Treatment Experiences

Judge – Therapy Dog

Meet Judge – 1-year old Pitbull Mix who gravitates to those who are having a bad day, nudging them for a belly rub or just sitting at their side hoping to make them feel better.

Adventure Therapy

Adventure therapy engages clients physically, emotionally, and mentally because it requires movement, psychological resilience, clear communication, and teamwork.

Fishing Therapy

Fishing can be relaxing and exciting, where you can connect to nature and yet enjoy the thrill of making a great catch. The mental and physical benefits of fishing are particularly healing for those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction.

Art & Music

Music therapy includes a variety of techniques, designed to appeal to everybody—from experienced musicians to clients who have never even played an instrument.

Yoga &

Rally Point offers twice-weekly yoga classes on-site as well as nutritional counseling and tips for grocery shopping, meal planning and preparation.

Fitness &

Discuss health eating, building muscle for those who are into fitness, or learn how to deal with dealing with diabetes, eating disorders, high cholesterol or any other nutritionally high-risk conditions.

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