Why Florida is the Perfect Place for Drug & Alcohol Rehab

Deciding where to go for addiction treatment is an important step towards living a healthy, addiction-free life, because not all treatment centers are the same. Although local treatment centers are less expensive and closer to home, their proximity to your old environment makes it harder to break destructive habits and relationships. Traveling for alcohol and drug treatment away from home in a place like South Florida gives you the opportunity to start over in a beautiful new environment away from the things, people, and places that can trigger a relapse.

Learn more about the benefits of traveling out of state for alcohol and drug treatment, and why South Florida is the perfect place to get addiction help.

A New Place, A New You

Selecting a treatment center is a big decision and it’s essential that you consider all your options because where you go makes a difference in your recovery. Traveling out of state to get help might seem scary because it’s stepping out of your comfort zone, but there’s evidence that shows that patients are more likely to succeed when they’re away from home. Below are some reasons why patients decide to go out of state for addiction treatment.

  • Free from distractions: When you separate yourself from your old environment and negative influences, it’s easier to focus on yourself instead of outside distractions. A new environment allows you the space and time to concentrate on recovery.
  • More personalized attention: Local treatment centers may not be able to offer the support you need, especially if they’re on the larger side and can’t give you personalized attention. It’s better to go somewhere that offers the therapy, counseling, and support you need instead of somewhere that is just close by.
  • Keep your privacy: Treatment centers that are close to home increase your chances of running into people you know which can sidetrack your progress or cause anxiety. Traveling out of state makes it easier to keep your privacy so you can concentrate on treatment instead of other people.
  • Less likely to give up: It’s harder to give up on addiction treatment when you’re out of state because of the cost and hassle of arranging travel plans to go back home. When you’re in a local treatment center, it can be more tempting to leave because there are fewer obstacles and you have more reminders of home.
  • Higher success rates: A study by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that out-of-state short term residential programs have a 12% higher completion rate than in-state centers. Furthermore, detoxification (the process where the body rids itself of alcohol, opiates, heroin, etc.) is 20% more effective when it’s out-of-state.
  • More specialized services: According to a report by SAMHSA, approximately 7.9 million adults in the United States had co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders in 2014, yet fewer than 7.5 percent enroll in a comprehensive treatment program that can effectively address those disorders each year. Out-of-state treatment centers are more likely to offer specialized therapies and support groups for co-occurring disorders.

As you can see, there are a variety of reasons why traveling out of state for treatment is better than staying in-state. Cost is understandably an important factor in your final decision but you should remember that it’s an investment in your future and out-of-state treatment can save you money and time in the long run since they tend to be more effective. Also, insurance can cover out-of-state treatment so it’s essential that you check your insurance plan to see what is covered.

If traveling out of state for addiction help interests you, then you should consider South Florida for your destination. Learn more about this beautiful location below.

Benefits of Being Treated in South Florida

Tropical weather, beaches, and lush wildlife are just some of the things that make South Florida a great place to live and visit. Going to an addiction treatment center in South Florida is different than other places because we can offer a greater variety of therapeutic activities that incorporate nature like adventure therapy, yoga/meditation, painting, and more. Not only are our treatment programs different, but the treatment centers themselves look different too.

At Rally Point in West Palm Beach FL, our facilities are bright and welcoming like the Florida sun. We have all the comforts of home and more including a full kitchen, air-conditioning, clean linens, washer & dryer, flat screen HDTVs – not to mention, a pool, hot tub, and basketball court for outdoor recreation. We’ve designed our programs and facilities to give our patients the tools necessary to achieve freedom from addiction. Call us or email us today to see how we can help you.





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