How to Support an Addicted Loved One

When participating in South Florida drug treatment, a good support system can mean the world to someone struggling with addiction. However, it can be difficult to find a healthy balance between showing a loving concern and showing too much tough love. To help you out, we’ve listed some valuable guidelines for supporting your loved one on their road to recovery.

4 Dos and Don’ts of Showing Support

Don’t: Judge Them – Most individuals suffering from addiction are very hard on themselves, with guilt and shame being very common emotions. As a result, they will not respond well to further judgment.

Do: Love Them – One of the most important things you can do is ensure that your loved one knows that you still love them. Make it a point to remind them that you still care.

Don’t: Lecture Them – Addicts can feel belittled and shut down when they are being told what they should be doing, and chances are they already know.

Do: Listen to Them – Actively listening to our loved one without interruption will yield huge results over time. Be willing to open up and have honest communication.

Don’t: Ignore Them – Simply giving up or taking an apathetic approach will backfire since those with addiction already feel isolated and alone. Don’t feed these feelings.

Do: Express Concern – Communicating concern to someone suffering from an addiction offers hope. Doing it effectively and without judgment plants the seed for change.

Don’t: Wait – Thinking that things will still turnaround is a common mistake. Addiction does not fix itself. Recovery involves a support system, so start now.

Do: Seek Help Now – If things are bad enough that you are looking at options, don’t second guess yourself. Addiction is very progressive, and things usually only get worse if it is left untreated.

Do You Need Help with Supporting A Loved One?

Drug and alcohol addictions affect those who suffer from substance abuse as much as it affects their families. That’s why programs at Rally Point Palm Beach are designed to conduct alcohol or drug abuse recovery that incorporates family members, so they may be correctly educated on how to best assist in rehabilitation treatment and the overall recovery plan. Contact Rally Point today for support education and guidance in helping your loved one with their addiction.

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