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Drug addiction is a serious matter. In the United States, drug overdose is the leading cause of accidental death. In Florida, the national opioid epidemic has been declared a public health emergency across the state. If you believe your loved one might have an addiction, it’s important to get them treatment. Seeking out a South Florida Drug Treatment center can be a lifesaving step. It’s also important to know what you can do to help, and you can start by avoiding enablement.  

You enable an addict when:

You give them money. Addicts will often beg for money, claiming it’s for gas or food. But you should never provide funds to an addict if you don’t know where he or she is spending it.

You give them transportation. In order for a drug addict to meet a dealer, he or she will most likely need a car. By lending or paying for a car, you are enabling this to happen. 

You give them communication. A cell phone enables an addict to communicate with a dealer. You should not provide an addict with a free phone.

You give them housing. Paying for an addict’s rent or allowing them to live under your roof is only helping that addict avoid the consequences of addiction.

Get Your Loved One the Best South Florida Drug Treatment

Although these are some great ways to avoid enabling someone with an addiction, there is only so much you can do. An addict needs professional help as soon as possible. Here at Rally Point, we offer safe and comfortable South Florida drug treatment with safe residences and a state-of-the-art treatment center that will get your loved one on the path to a better life. Contact us today!

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