Outpatient Treamtent

Outpatient Program (OP)

The least structured of our substance abuse programs is our Outpatient Program. Many OP clients reside in their own home although they still have the option in living in one of our recovery residences, Victory House or Unity House. Usually in this level of care clients get full time jobs or return to school full time. Treatment plans vary, but usually participation in one or more groups a week as well as an individual session with their therapist is expected.

Building upon their time in PHP and IOP, OP clients establish a solid recovery network within the outside community to lean on for sober support. OP clients are also expected to serve as positive role models to those in our other substance abuse programs and to offer advice and guidance from a peer level.

The focus at this stage is on assisting clients with concerns related to their progress and maintenance of sobriety while providing both community and family support to ensure that they are able to stay on track with a life free from addiction. It takes an average of 66 days to create a habit, so by this time in their recovery OP clients have established enough positive, healthy habits to guide them through their life of sobriety.

PHP Program Facilities

Rally Point offers safe and comfortable residences, as well as a state of the art rehabilitation treatment center, located in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida.

Victory House Rehabilitation Residence West Palm Beach Florida
Victory House
Unity House Rehabilitation Residence West Palm Beach Florida
Unity House

What You Can Expect


Our treatment centers are well located to provide patients with total privacy while enjoying the indoor and outdoor environment, yet remain accessible to family members and authorized visitors.


We’ve integrated modern recreational installations such as a pool, hot tub, and basketball court, alongside practical appliances including a full kitchen, air-conditioning, clean linens, washer & dryer, flat screen HDTVs and more to help clients feel at home when attending our rehab for drug and alcohol addiction.


Our staff members are present at the treatment centers 24/7 to consistently monitor patients throughout their treatment. Additionally, safety equipment and procedures are compliant with national health and safety standards.


Clients are made to feel completely at home in an environment that is designed to support their drug or alcohol rehabilitation. By owning our facilities we also maintain complete control over our programs for drug addiction and alcoholism and can promise our patients stability and consistency in the environment that will host a profound transition from addiction to sobriety.