Judge - Therapy Dog

Judge - Therapy Dog (In-Training)

Judge is a 1-year old Pitbull Mix who was abandoned as a young puppy at a boarding facility and scheduled to be transferred to a kill shelter. Luckily, he was saved by an employee at the facility before the transfer and was bounced around to a few foster families until ending up in the Pawsitive Direction Program. Based out of the Okeechobee Correctional Institution, this program uses inmate handlers to provide dogs with behavioral and social training. After an intense 12-week training program, Judge graduated with his AKC Canine Good Citizen certification and a PhD with honors in Canine Life and Social Skills. Judge then joined the Rally Point family as it’s official mascot and is continuing his training to become a Certified Therapy Dog.

Judge is a social butterfly who enjoys spending time with everyone he meets. He is a natural therapy dog who gravitates to those who are having a bad day, nudging them for a belly rub or just sitting at their side hoping to make them feel better. He loves playing with toys and being rewarded for good behavior with treats – especially peanut butter! Besides being fully obedience trained, Judge knows a ton of cool tricks and loves to show them off. Some of the Rally Point favorites include when he nods his head to say “what’s up?”, waving “bye-bye”, pulling his blanket over himself to go “night-night”, saluting our veterans by holding up one paw over his forehead and, when he is in the mood, he can even do the moon-walk.

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