Top Tips to Help You Stay Sober During Holiday Parties

Turning down every party invitation during the holiday season is unrealistic. This is a season meant for celebration and spending time with family and friends. Consequently, there will be some special gatherings you will want to attend.

You don’t need to be afraid of going to these events. Instead, simply choose which holiday parties you will attend wisely.

What Should I Consider When Accepting Invitations?

The Spirit of the Season

There will be gatherings you wish to be present where alcohol will flow freely. If you choose to attend a party where there will be alcohol or drugs, ask yourself if this is an event that is truly about sharing quality time together. Being honest with yourself in this respect will help you maintain sobriety and truly appreciate the season.

The Motivations of Others

An event may seem to be all about the holiday spirit. However, places, where you used to abuse drugs or alcohol, should be avoided. There is no reason to stop by old hangouts to say hello, even during the holidays. These places and the people that frequent there can bring up trigger emotions that will only hurt your recovery.

Similar to identifying the reason for a party, also ask yourself if the attendees at a party would still be there if alcohol or drugs were not present. If the answer is no, then it is best to stay away.

Who Supports Your Recovery

Spending time with friends and family is significant this season and during recovery in general. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind those that know about and support your recovery, as well as those who may have had issues with recognizing the challenges you face. Even with friends and family that support you, sober events may be few and far between. However, choosing to be around caring people that know what you’re going through will help your confidence in maintaining your sobriety.

Let Us Help You Stay Sober

Don’t let a few hours at a party risk your sobriety. If getting sober has saved your life, be thankful this season and celebrate the gifts that a sober lifestyle has given you.

For help with getting sober or staying on the right path toward recovery, contact Rally Point in Palm Beach. We can help you achieve sobriety for the holidays and addiction recovery for life.

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