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Rally Point is now an in-network provider for HMC Healthworks, which means that if you are suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction and you have HMC Healthworks insurance, you can obtain addiction treatment at our facility. We have partnered with HMC Healthworks to provide its members with treatment programs for which HMC Healthworks will help cover. That means that you can come to our Palm Beach facility to get started on the road to recovery. Here, we will cover the highlights of substance abuse treatment using your HMC Healthworks insurance plan at Rally Point Palm Beach.

Overview of HMC Healthworks

HMC HealthWorks is a 42-year healthcare industry veteran whose clinically integrated protocols for care have helped plan sponsors reduce healthcare costs while improving the health and wellbeing of more than 1 million members. They offer health plans that are personalized to fit their client’s needs and that focus on giving people what they truly need to be healthy. HMC Healthworks is actively publishing health education resources for both its members and the public at large.

HMC Healthworks Coverage for Specific Addictions

For many people who are seeking help for an addiction, having insurance coverage can mean the difference between going to rehab for treatment and not being able to. That’s why Rally Point has partnered with HMC Healthworks to help make it easier and more affordable for American families to get the help they need. If you are an HMC Healthworks member, you can attend drug and alcohol treatment and at least a portion of it will be covered by the insurance company.

The coverage that HMC Healthworks insurance plans offer varies depending on the specific policy that you have. Some of the specific types of addictions that may be covered by HMC Healthworks include addictions to:

  • Alcohol
  • Cocaine
  • Heroin
  • Methamphetamine
  • Prescription drugs (opioids, benzodiazepines, stimulants)
  • Marijuana
  • Inhalants
  • Hallucinogens

Your HMC Healthworks insurance plan will have coverage for some or all of your addiction treatment, depending on the specific plan you have. You can contact HMC Healthworks to find out exactly what types of treatments they cover, and if you will have any out-of-pocket costs.

Length and Depth of Coverage

There are different types of treatments recommended to people suffering from addiction based on their specific needs. Sometimes outpatient treatment is recommended, while many times inpatient treatment is the best option. Whatever your needs are, HMC Healthworks is committed to providing you with the best coverage they can in order to help you begin your recovery. The specific type of treatment you are eligible for, how much of the cost will be covered, and how extensive your treatment can be, are all outlined in your individual insurance policy.

You can look at your HMC Healthworks insurance plan to see exactly what it allows for addiction treatment. If you are concerned that your policy doesn’t provide for the type or length of treatment you need, you can call the insurance company to find out if you have other options. Before you make any decisions, make sure that you have all the relevant information to do what is best for you and your family. You should also give us a call at Rally Point for help in deciding. We may be able to recommend additional financial options that will assist in getting you the help you need.

Treatment Services Covered by HMC Healthworks

HMC Healthworks provides coverage (partially or completely) for alcohol and all addictive drugs, prescription and illegal. The specific type of treatment programs that are covered, and to what extent, depend on your specific insurance plan and benefits.

The types of substance abuse treatments that are typically covered by HMC Healthworks (fully or partially) include the following:

  • Detox treatment
  • Individual, family, and group therapy
  • Drug testing
  • Outpatient treatment
  • Inpatient treatment
  • Co-occurring disorders and mental health programs

Sometimes, medications are used in addiction treatment to help with the detox process and to minimize cravings. This type of medication-assisted therapy may also be covered by HMC Healthworks. You will need to check your individual policy to see what is covered for you.

Finding Professional Help for a Benefits Check

If you are not sure what your HMC Healthworks insurance policy covers, one of our medical professionals can help guide you through the process of finding out. A Rally Point representative can contact HMC Healthworks on your behalf for a benefits check. That way, there will be no surprises for you because you will know what you have to work with regarding drug and alcohol treatment. You can also contact the insurance company directly if you prefer.

Addiction Recovery with HMC Healthworks and Rally Point Palm Beach

At Rally Point Palm Beach, we are partnered with HMC Healthworks to provide you with the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment for your needs. Our programs are tailored to our clients’ individual needs based on a family-like environment of care and inclusion. If you are considering traveling out of state for your rehabilitation, sunny Palm Beach, Florida is a great option. There are a variety of benefits you will receive when you attend Rally Point:

  • A distraction-free environment
  • Individualized treatment
  • Privacy
  • Higher likelihood of completion
  • Increased success rates
  • Specialized therapies and services

Rally Point Palm Beach provides our clients with a beautiful setting in which they can begin their new lives in recovery. Our residential program, which is commonly recommended for addiction treatment, offers clients the opportunity to focus on recovery and mental health while they are away from the people, places, and things that may trigger a relapse. The therapies we offer are as unique as the clients themselves. At our Palm Beach facility, you can expect to participate in activities like adventure therapy, yoga, meditation, fishing, and other outdoor activities. All of our activities and therapies are designed to provide you with the guidance, tools, and coping strategies to break the bonds of addiction and have long-lasting recovery. Contact us today to get started with your new life.

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