Heroin Addiction Signs, Effects, & Withdrawal Symptoms

Heroin Addiction in Florida Rally Point Palm Beach

Heroin addiction in Florida is a serious issue that is currently affecting many families across the state. When it comes to someone you love having an addiction, it’s important to be educated. You want to be able to understand addiction, know the warning signs and be able to recognize an overdose if it were to happen. If you suspect that someone you care about could have a heroin addiction, you can keep a lookout for certain changes in behavior that could indicate use.

Warning Signs of Heroin Addiction

  • Showing deceptive behavior, such as lying or stealing money
  • Avoiding eye contact with people
  • Seeming distant
  • Sleeping noticeably more than usual
  • Slurring words and not making sense
  • Lacking motivation at school and/or work
  • Lacking interest in everyday activities and hobbies
  • Having hostile behavior towards others
  • Not caring about one’s appearance
  • Withdrawing from family and friends
  • Dressing in covering clothing, like long sleeves and pants
  • Wearing sunglasses when it’s not necessary
  • Acting jittery and alert and then nodding off after
  • Seeming disoriented
  • Not maintaining normal personal hygiene

These common behavioral signs can help you decide if you should be concerned about someone close to you using heroin. Heroin addiction can severely affect one’s health and wellbeing, so if you are concerned about a loved one’s heroin addiction in Florida, it’s important to seek help as soon as possible. Here at Rally Point Palm Beach, we have treatment options and rehabilitation programs to help people recover from this disease for good. Contact us today!

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