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If you’ve recently been arrested for a drug-related crime, one option the courts may consider is going to rehab instead of jail. Before we dive in, please note that the advice given in this article isn’t a “how-to” on gaming the system to avoid jail time and in no way is intended as legal advice.  If you have been arrested and seek legal advice you should speak with an attorney. Our aim is to provide information and resources to help you overcome your addiction to live a better life and not be in this position again.

We spoke with Robert Pasch, Esq. from Pasch Law in West Palm Beach, FL, to get a more in-depth look at drug addiction treatment in the criminal justice system. He has over 18 years of experience as a criminal defense attorney and has helped thousands of clients resolve their criminal cases through jury trials, bench trials, and plea resolutions.

Why Going to Rehab Instead of Jail is a Viable Alternative

Getting arrested is often a wake-up call for those struggling with drug addiction that something needs to change. Regardless of whether you will face jail time or not, you should seek help. By getting drug addiction treatment, you will be able to confront your issues with the help of compassionate, experienced staff and learn healthier coping mechanisms outside of drugs.

Checking yourself into rehab not only starts you on a road to sobriety, but it also shows the courts that you’re actively trying to get better so you don’t end up coming back. According to Robert Pasch, “Judges look favorably on getting in-patient treatment because it demonstrates a degree of rehabilitation and an alternative to reoffending.” The time you spend in rehab can even be considered as credit towards jail time.

Benefits of Inpatient Drug Treatment

Besides the more obvious benefits of going to rehab, like getting control of your life and being healthier and happier, entering into rehab immediately can help you in other ways.

  1. It shows the judge that you’re ready to turn your life around and you’re a good candidate for probation.
  2. If placed on probation, rehab increases your success in making it through because of random drug testing.
  3. If the court is looking for some form of punishing, treatment can be seen as a way to incapacitate in lieu of jail.

At the end of the day, Judges want to make sure the defendants will not re-offend and appear back in their courtroom.  If Judges see that you’re working towards repairing your life and making better choices, then they might be more inclined to allow you to stay in rehab rather than disrupt your progress by throwing you into jail.

Rally Point and Pasch Law Are Here To Help

Rally Point is a licensed and certified alcohol and drug rehabilitation center located in West Palm Beach, FL that adheres to the strictest standards of client treatment, confidentiality, and safety. We are a small, male-only facility that focuses on the fundamentals of long-term recovery through personalized treatment plans and aftercare programs.

While our focus is on providing drug addiction treatment in an inclusive and family-like environment, Pasch Law focuses on providing high quality, personalized, and passionate criminal defense for their clients. Robert Pasch’s extensive education and training in the field of criminal law, years of experience in both State and Federal trial courts, knowledge of the criminal justice system, and personal dedication to achieving justice for his clients make him an excellent choice should you need a criminal defense attorney.

Getting arrested for drugs and facing jail time is scary and stressful but you don’t have to face it alone. Instead of seeing this as another failure or character flaw, you can use it as an opportunity to take control of your life and leave this chapter behind you. If you are interested in learning more about your options of going to rehab instead of jail contact us today.

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