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Approaching someone with an alcohol or drug addiction is never an easy thing to do. Instead, people will choose to ignore what’s happening in hopes that the addict will come to his or her senses. However, addiction is far more complex than that and almost always requires professional help. To get addicts help, an intervention is necessary. If you want your loved one to agree to seek help at a Florida Addiction Treatment Center but don’t know how to approach the situation, we can help.

How to Talk to an Addict

Prepare with friends and family. Before you approach an addict, you should discuss it with both your friends and family and the addict’s friends and family. Doing this will give you moral support and encourage others to join you. And properly preparing will allow everyone to work together in a united approach.

Set your emotions aside. When you confront someone about an addiction, it’s important to leave your emotions behind. Allowing your personal anger, judgments and/or feelings to show can cause an addict to feel hurt and become defensive. It’s best to keep an approach that focuses on nothing other than seeking treatment.

Be honest and direct. A direct approach doesn’t leave room for interpretation. It makes it clear that you are fully aware of the addiction and want to help find the best treatment. It’s important to be open about what your expectations are to figure out how to solve the problem.

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After your loved one agrees to seek help for addiction, the next step is to find the right Florida Addiction Treatment Center. Here at Rally Point, we offer treatment options for clients at all stages of addiction and can help your loved one recover. Contact us today!

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