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Rally Point has recently become an in-network provider with First Health, a subsidiary of Aetna, which is helping us to make addiction treatment services accessible to more people. Learn more about using your First Health insurance for rehab, the benefits of getting treatment away from home, and why you should consider gender-specific treatment when searching for a rehab facility.

First Health Insurance For Rehab

According to First Health, it’s national PPO network has “more than 5,000 hospitals, over 90,000 ancillary facilities, and over 1 million health care professional service locations…more than 96 percent of people in the United States are within 20 miles of a network provider.” Many of First Health Network’s plans provide coverage for addiction treatment but the exact amount of coverage will vary from plan to plan. Contact First Health regarding the specifics of your plan and what’s covered.

Benefits of Going Away for Rehab

Thanks to First Health’s extensive network, you can find a drug rehab away from home, which offers several benefits such as:

  • Fewer distractions
  • More distance away from triggers
  • More personalized attention
  • Increased privacy
  • Harder to give up
  • Higher success rates
  • More specialized services

When searching for a rehab, you should consider West Palm Beach as a potential location. Our tropical ecosystem and year-round sunny weather are conducive to addiction treatment and after-care support. Rally Point is able to offer various therapeutic activities that incorporate the physical, mental, and spiritual benefits of nature like fishing, adventure therapy, yoga, painting, and more. Cold, dark winter days can affect our mood (known as ‘seasonal affective disorder’) and even trigger a relapse, which is why escaping to a sunnier climate for rehab can make it easier to stick with a treatment program.

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

Rally Point is an all-male rehab due to the many benefits of gender-specific treatment. While addiction affects both sexes, it doesn’t mean they’re affected in the same ways. Women in rehab typically need to address issues like sexual abuse, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships whereas men usually face different issues like anger management, father/son relationships, and emotional distance. Men may also need different types of treatment services since they tend to enter rehab later in their addiction than women.

Gender-specific treatment programs have:

  • Higher success rates
  • Fewer distractions in treatment which means more focus and concentration
  • More open communication
  • More empathy when sharing gender-specific experiences and issues
  • Stronger bonds among clients
  • Stronger after-care support systems

In addition to our gender-specific treatment programs, we’re committed to supporting veterans and active-duty personnel, a demographic with high rates of alcohol and prescription drug use. Visit our Veterans Help Center to learn more about available resources for veterans and their families.

Addiction Recovery with First Health and Rally Point

If you have First Health insurance and struggling with alcohol or drugs, you have treatment options available to you. We offer inpatient and outpatient treatment programs that can be complemented by unique treatment therapies like animal-assisted therapy. Call us at (888) 797-2559 or chat with a representative online to take the first step toward recovery.

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