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If you have a substance abuse addiction and Emblem Health or GHI insurance, you can get your addiction treatment costs covered without paying out of pocket. Rally Point has partnered with Emblem Health, which owns GHI, to accept all in-network and out-of-network plans. Whether you have an Emblem Health or GHI insurance policy, you’ll be able to come to our West Palm Beach rehab center for substance abuse treatment. Learn more about in-network plans covering rehab costs and why you should choose Rally Point for addiction treatment.

Substance Abuse Treatment With Emblem Health And GHI

We used to be only able to accept out-of-state residents who had Emblem Health or GHI insurance if they had an out-of-network PPO plan. Thanks to our partnership, we can now accept clients who have a HMO plan with Emblem Health or GHI. Out-of-state residents can come to our alcohol and drug rehab facility in West Palm Beach without needing a PPO plan which means you won’t have to pay out of pocket at Rally Point. You have enough to handle before entering treatment and insurance shouldn’t be one of them. When you’re here, the only thing you will need to focus on is getting better.

Why You Should Come To West Palm Beach For Substance Abuse Treatment

With your Emblem Health or GHI insurance, you can come to our West Palm Beach rehab facility in sunny West Palm Beach, FL. Our substance abuse treatment programs are tailored to the client’s unique needs and based on love and inclusion in a family-like atmosphere. We understand it can be tough to travel away from home for addiction treatment but it offers a variety of benefits for out-of-state clients, such as:

  • Free from distractions
  • Personalized attention
  • More privacy
  • Less likely to give up
  • Higher success rates
  • More specialized services

Since our drug rehab center is in West Palm Beach, the location allows clients to start over in a new beautiful environment away from the things, people, and places that can trigger a relapse. South Florida’s local nature makes it different from other states which helps us provide a greater variety of therapeutic activities that incorporate nature. Few other places can do the types of services we offer like adventure therapy, group outdoor activities, yoga/meditation and on-site fishing thanks to year-round tropical weather.

Our facilities are also pretty different too. We have all the comforts of home including a full kitchen, air-conditioning, washer & dryer, flat screen HDTVs, swimming pool, hot tub, basketball court, therapy dog, and more. We’ve designed our programs and amenities to give our clients the support they need to break the cycle of addiction. Call or email us to get started today.

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