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The first step to recovery is defined by many as recognizing you have a problem. While this first step can be one of the most difficult parts of recovery, afterward another obstacle often presents itself: How do I get help? This is a question not easily answered. There are a number of different factors that go into choosing a rehabilitation facility that will work best for you. Some of these different factors are fairly obvious. Location, for example, is an important part of deciding on a rehabilitation facility. Cost is often considered early on in the process when looking for a treatment center. The duration of the program and aftercare provided are also things that spring to mind fairly quickly when considering rehabilitation options.

On the other hand, some important factors tend to be overlooked by most when considering which treatment center to attend. One of those factors is whether or not the program being considered is gender-specific. While it may seem more like a detail than an important factor to be considered, taking part in gender-specific addiction treatment programs can be incredibly beneficial for a number of reasons.

Men and Women Have Different Needs and Issues

While it would be silly to say men and women are complete opposites – we’re all human, after all – it cannot be denied that there are differences between the two when it comes to addiction and recovery. For instance, overall, men are more likely than women to have some type of substance abuse disorder.

The sexes also tend to have different factors fueling their addictions. It is important that these issues are addressed to promote success in each individual’s journey to sobriety. Often, when women enter into addiction treatment programs, they have issues such as unhealthy or abusive relationships, sexual abuse, or eating disorders that need to be addressed within their treatment program. Men, on the other hand, often have to work through issues of their own; things like emotional distance, anger management, and parent/child relationships are often addressed in male-directed treatment programs.

Another difference often noted between the sexes when it comes to addiction treatment is that men often enter into a treatment program later in the progression of their addiction than women do. The treatment needed for those further along in their addiction is also different than those earlier on.

These are the reasons gender-specific treatment can be beneficial in receiving treatment. Because of those benefits, in an effort to help ensure our patient’s success, Rally Point is a male-only treatment facility.

Why You Should Choose Gender-Specific Drug Addiction Treatment

There are a number of reasons it may be wise to pick a gender-specific treatment program or facility. While it does not guarantee success in the program, it does have a number of advantages over mixed-gender treatment programs.

Gender-specific treatment programs have been shown to have a better success rate when compared to mixed-gender treatment programs.

Members of the same sex oftentimes feel more comfortable with each other. This is especially important during the rehabilitation process, as the people around you will see you when you are very vulnerable. Much in the same way a person may be more comfortable with a doctor of the same sex, those in addiction recovery programs may feel more comfortable being completely honest and expressing themselves with someone of the same sex.

For heterosexual men and women, being in mixed-gender addiction treatment programs has the potential to be distracting. Bonds form easily between the people in treatment together, and at times that can result in sexual attraction or even a relationship. While the idea of meeting someone who can identify with you on such a deep level may sound enticing, there is a chance forming a relationship too early in the recovery process or starting a relationship with the wrong person may be detrimental to recovery and result in relapse.

Gender-specific treatment programs also allow for more gender-focused treatment, as discussed previously in this article. The topics gone over and treatment provided by addiction recovery programs with gender-mixed clients needs to work for both men and women to ensure their success in the program. With gender-specific treatment programs for men, like Rally Point, the experiences and issues that affect men are delved into on a deeper level, as they are the only issues that need to be focused on.

Bonding among those in gender-specific treatment programs is also at times easier. For men, it can sometimes be easier to bond together over a sense of brotherhood, whereas bonding with someone of the opposite sex can sometimes be more difficult.

At the end of the day, one of the most important aspects of a person’s recovery is the support they receive. That support system includes the people they are surrounded by while in their treatment program. Offering male-only treatment programs allows us at Rally Point to stray from the all too common one-size-fits-all mentality that other addiction treatment programs have adopted. Offering individualized, gender-specific care to our clients sets us apart from other treatment programs.

Male-Only Addiction Treatment Program in South Florida

While at this point in time gender-mixed addiction treatment programs are still more popular than gender-specific addiction treatment programs like Rally Point, gender-specific treatment programs are becoming more and more popular as time goes on. This is mostly due to the fact that gender-specific addiction treatment presents a number of different benefits to clients.

When it comes to deciding upon the correct addiction treatment program for you, there are a number of different common factors that weigh on that decision. Location, cost, duration of the program, and other aspects of treatment are often considered when choosing a treatment program. There is good reason to add whether a treatment program is gender-mixed or gender-specific to the list of criteria being considered.

Outside of our male-only treatment programs, there are a number of other services we are proud to provide here at Rally Point. For instance, we proudly offer adventure therapy programs and on-site fishing for our clients. These activities promote healing and health through fun and physical activities that clients can benefit from. Located in South Florida, our tropical climate allows our clients to enjoy outdoor activities all throughout the year.

When it comes to addiction recovery, the last thing you want to be worried about is the people who are around you. Gender-specific programs allow our clients here at Rally Point Palm Beach Rehab to focus only on what is most important during their stay: successful recovery. If you or a loved one is interested in getting help for a substance abuse disorder, contact us today.


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