Be sure to bring at least one form of identification and your insurance card. Pack 7 days of casual clothing including a sweater or light jacket and 7 days of toiletries. Each residence is equipped with a clothes washer and dryer and a full kitchen. Clients go grocery shopping once a week. Two changes of “work-out” clothes and a pair of sneakers are recommended for the gym, yoga and other physical activities as well as a bathing suit for swimming and beach activities. Also bring a back pack or small gym bag to transfer personal items to and from houses, clinical offices, events and the gym. Only bring jewelry that is a necessity like a wedding ring or watch.

Bring a 30-day supply of all prescribed medication with you. Let your intake coordinator know the name of the medication(s), the dosage, frequency and the name of the physician who prescribed them. Also let your intake coordinator know of any allergies that you may have.

While the use of tobacco is not encouraged by Rally Point, it is allowed. Smoking is permitted in outdoor designated areas only. You must bring enough cigarettes with you to last one week. Smokeless tobacco, cigars, rolling tobacco and pipes are not permitted.

We work directly with your insurance company to verify what benefits will cover your addiction treatment expenses. We will let you know your options and what is covered or what costs may need to be paid out-of-pocket. This verification process does not cost you anything. Clients and their families are allowed to self-pay for our drug and alcohol addiction treatment services. Contact us to discuss your options for paying cash.

Day or Night Treatment with Community Housing (PHP) clients are required to check in all electronic devices for safekeeping. The purpose of this is to minimize distractions and disruptions and for confidentiality concerns. Rally Point will provide tablets for completing assigned work and for other recovery related activities. Clients will be allotted time to make approved phone calls with the provided house phones and given time on a computer for job searching, etc.

Clients go grocery shopping once a week. Individual meals can be prepared or clients can choose to share meals with roommates. Each residence has a full kitchen and our clinical office has a kitchen and dining area. Clients will be educated on proper nutrition and guided on efficient and healthy grocery shopping techniques.

For Day or Night Treatment with Community Housing (PHP) clients, all money and valuables will be checked in for safekeeping. All other financial transactions must be approved by our staff.

Rally Point is located in West Palm Beach, one of Florida’s most dynamic cities. Gorgeous weather, limitless outdoors adventures, world-class culture, dining, entertainment and shopping. West Palm Beach is the idyllic spot to visit, live, work or play. You’re going to love it here!