Addiction Recovery
For Life

Our Approach

We aim to achieve Addiction Recovery for Life by using real-life experiences to address the challenges faced by those who suffer from drug or alcohol addiction. Our substance abuse programs are based on the fundamentals of recovery, which means taking account of the smaller things that truly make a difference, such as treating clients with respect, compassion, integrity and unwavering support.

At Rally Point Palm Beach Rehab, we believe that by imparting valuable life skills and promoting healthy lifestyle choices alongside our addiction recovery programs we can assist clients to develop better habits and patterns that will provide improved physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our job is more than drug and alcohol rehabilitation, it’s life transformation, and we’re committed, equipped and enthusiastic about helping clients along their journey out of addiction and into a happier, healthier and more rewarding life.

Why is Rally Point Different?

Rally Point was founded on the concept that the substance abuse treatment industry was not living up to its potential. Whether facilities were understaffed, pre-occupied with financial gains, operating in unethical ways or just providing sub-par services, we knew that we could do it better. We stand by our tagline of Addiction Recovery For Life and are confident that those who use the tools they are given at Rally Point on a daily basis can achieve lifelong sobriety.

Here are just a few of the reasons why Rally Point is considered among the best drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities:

  • Qualified and Caring Staff: Our greatest asset at Rally Point is our staff. Each member of our team must subscribe to our principles and philosophies 100%. Beyond just the years of clinical and medical experience, we truly and sincerely care about out each individual client and their well-being. Every staff member chose to work in the substance abuse industry for a reason, and this is more than just a job for us.
  • Small Size: Bigger is not always better, especially in the case of addiction recovery. With only 15 total beds we are able to keep a staff to client ratio of 1 to 6 at the absolute least, and most times being even better than that. Similar to class sizes in school, our smaller size has many distinct advantages including more individualized attention, clients can’t hide, issues are identified quicker and easier and closer relationships are formed between clients and between clients and staff.
  • Gender-Specific Treatment: Rally Point is a male only addiction recovery facility and we are able to focus on issues that specifically pertain to men. For example, anger management, alpha male characteristics and emotional distance are all more likely to show up in men than women. There are many benefits to gender-specific treatmentincluding fewer distractions, more openness among clients which leads to better communication and a stronger sense of fellowship, male-bonding and brotherhood.
  • Ethical Standards: Unfortunately, not all addiction recovery centers operate with the same ethics and integrity. South Florida in particular has had its share of unscrupulous actors, but thanks in part to the Sober Homes Task Force things are now moving in the right direction. Rally Point has always strived to be 100% transparent in every aspect of our organization, and we hold ourselves to extremely high ethical standards. We invite anyone who would like to learn more about us to stop in anytime and meet us in person.
  • Recovery Community Integration: At Rally Point, our goal is to fully integrate our clients into the robust Palm Beach addiction recovery community starting from day 1. Our clients attend at least one 12-step meeting a day outside of Rally Point and are encouraged to get a sponsor and a home group. There is also a weekly alumni meeting where current clients get to network with former clients and receive additional support. In addition, clients attend a weekly big book study where members of the community share their experience, strength and hope. Clients who come to Rally Point from out of town also receive guidance on who and where to turn to upon returning home and are able to use their local experience as a blueprint.
  • Life Skills Training: Too many substance abuse programs strive to solely keep clients sober for the 30 or so days that they are in treatment. Then when returning to the “real world” many people become overwhelmed and are more prone to relapse. Rally Point takes the big picture into account and helps clients with all facets of their lives including nutritional education to get their bodies healthy, getting setup with economic assistance programs, help with creating a resume and finding employment and support with any pending legal issues.
  • Aftercare Guidance: Aftercare is crucial for long-term sobriety. We don’t want to simply see clients complete our program but instead be able to celebrate a better life everyday by maintaining sobriety. After clients successfully complete our program we continue to help them identify people, places and things that may be a threat to their recovery as well as reinforce proven strategies for handling unavoidable and undesirable circumstances that are common to addiction recovery.

All of the above factors truly set Rally Point apart from other substance abuse programs. We are able to love our clients unconditionally while still holding them accountable for their actions. Clients leave Rally Point with an increased self-confidence, self-love and a better understanding on what being a “real man” means. We provide our clients with tools necessary to sustain long term sobriety and if followed daily, the ability to achieve Addiction Recovery For Life.

We offer three different levels of care depending on each individuals particular needs: Day or Night Treatment with Community Housing / Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) and Outpatient Program (OP).