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Choosing The Right Rehab Center - Addiction Recovery Treatment Center

If you’ve made the decision to seek help for an addiction to drug or alcohol, then you’ve made a choice that will change your life for the better. It probably wasn’t a decision that you made easily but it may be one that saves your life. The next step is to find a rehab center that is right for you. Just like the decision to get help, choosing the right rehab facility treatment center isn’t easy.

Unfortunately, not all drug or alcohol rehab programs are created equal. There are some that don’t have the client’s best interests at heart, and that can make it hard to tell the good ones from the bad. However, knowledge is power, so with a little research and by asking the right questions, you’ll find it much easier to identify reputable alcohol or drug rehab that fits your needs.

4 Key Principles to Look for in a Rehab Center

There are four areas that you should be concerned with finding in the best drug or alcohol rehab facility you choose to attend. Here are the principles they should adhere to:

  1. Quality addiction treatment – To know that the rehab offers quality addiction treatment programs, they should have a professionally credentialed staff, accreditation, and evidence-based practices.
  2. Healthcare focus – Drug or alcohol treatment programs are a part of healthcare, so it should be treated as such. Additional services and luxury amenities are nice and can be helpful, but a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center requires far more than that. If the drug or alcohol rehab treatment center doesn’t have the healthcare services you need, then choose another facility.
  3. Transparency – Reputable drug or alcohol rehab treatment centers will be willing to answer any questions and address any concerns that you have, quickly and in a straightforward manner. Beware of vague or generic answers, as well as the inability or hesitation answering your questions.
  4. High standard of ethics – The rehab you choose should be held accountable by some accrediting organization or industry association. For example, the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers (NAATP) requires compliance with a Code of Ethics from the rehab treatment centers that are members of the association.

Choosing the right drug or alcohol rehab treatment center can be a daunting task but if you keep these principles in mind, you should be able to narrow down your search considerably. A visit and tour of the facility is the best way to determine whether they adhere to the principles, or if you should keep searching.

Researching to Find a Reputable Rehab Center

It’s important to consider your options for drug or alcohol addiction treatment, don’t just choose the first rehab center you look at. Treatment at a drug or alcohol rehab should be approached just as you would any other medical treatment, with careful consideration. Here are three strategies that will help you find reputable drug or alcohol rehabs to choose from:

  • Ask your doctor or other medical professionals for recommendations.
  • Contact your insurance provider to get a list of rehab treatment centers that are in your network.
  • Do some research online on sites of organizations like NAATP. They have a member directory that will list the rehabs they support.

None of the suggestions above is foolproof. There is no guarantee on the quality of the recommendations you get, but the above strategies are a good place to start.

What to Look for in a Drug or Alcohol Rehab Facility Center and What to Avoid

Once you have a list of alcohol and drug rehab treatment centers, you’ll want to start digging for more information. Here are some things to look for in a treatment provider:

  • NAATP membership – All members of the NAATP are state licensed for the care they provide. You can check the NAATP’s website for any complaints that have been lodged against facilities.
  • They check clients’ medical history – An in-depth medical history is crucial to treating patients for addiction. There may be underlying medical and psychiatric issues that need to be addressed during drug or alcohol addiction treatment. If the facility doesn’t ask for it, it’s not a good sign.
  • That it’s in-network for your insurance – If it isn’t, it doesn’t mean it’s out, but you will need to get detailed information about the charges and any payment arrangements they are willing to make with you.
  • Evidence-based practices – Look for rehab treatment facilities that use practices like cognitive behavioral therapy, medication, and trauma-informed care.
  • Qualified staff – It’s important that the rehab provides you with credentials for their staff members.

Some of the things you should avoid include the following red flags:

  • Guarantees of success – There is no drug or alcohol addiction treatment program that can guarantee successful recovery. Instead look for rehabs that will provide you with the treatments and services that fit your needs – that is what will give you the best chances of long-lasting recovery.
  • Incentives – Providers that offer incentives like no out-of-pocket cost, help to obtain insurance, free travel or any other gift or incentive, maybe utilizing insurance fraud as a way to make money.
  • Facilities that won’t address your concerns – If you find that you are being given the runaround, or the staff doesn’t want to answer your questions, it could definitely be a red flag.

Finding the Right Drug or Alcohol Rehab Facility Center Today

It isn’t easy to choose the right rehab treatment center, especially as you are working hard to make a positive change in your life. You likely have a lot on your mind, but hopefully, you will find the above information helps you with your search. At Rally Point Palm Beach Rehab, we strive to be as transparent and helpful as possible through our website, articles, and 24/7 confidential helpline.

We are a state-licensed, Joint Commission accredited facility and our staff is trained in trauma-informed care, cognitive behavioral therapy, co-occurring disorders treatment, and more. Being in West Palm Beach, we’re able to offer a mix of traditional and alternative therapeutic activities such as yoga, meditation, adventure therapy, fishing, art therapy, and more. At Rally Point you will have a supportive community with you every step of the way. Contact us to learn more about our drug or alcohol rehab addiction treatment programs to see if we’re the right fit for your treatment needs.

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