Preventing Relapse in Substance Abuse

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Even if you go to the best drug rehab center in Florida, relapse can happen. It isn’t uncommon for addicts to fall back into destructive patterns during their paths toward clean living. Successfully completing rehab is just the first step of your journey.

It is important to remember that if you relapse, you can still come back from it. However, cause for relapse can be mental, physical, or emotional, and there are ways to try to prevent it in the first place.

Avoiding Mental Relapse

To avoid slipping into a relapsed state of mind, try creating a busy schedule to keep your mind off of using. Avoid situations where you find yourself bored, and maybe supplement activities with relapse prevention therapy. Most importantly, remember to take your sober lifestyle one day at a time.

Coping with Cravings

Physical relapse happens when the body itself is craving drugs. Make sure that this is prevented by receiving quality detoxification that flushes your body clear of drugs, leaving no remnants of drugs whatsoever. Depending on the substance abused, some detoxes require medication that moderates cravings. Continue taking recommended medication as prescribed, and reach out to your support system at the first signs of possible abuse.

Controlling Emotional Relapse

If you find yourself experiencing trigger emotions, step away from the situation. Recall all the negatives that came from using drugs to confront those triggers with what you have learned in rehab. Then, discover new and healthy ways, such as treating yourself to your favorite nutritious meal, to reward yourself for not returning to drugs.

Need the Best Drug Rehab in Florida to Help Resist Relapse?

Aftercare is crucial for long-term addiction recovery. At Rally Point Palm Beach, we want to see clients celebrate a better life every day by maintaining sobriety. Our Aftercare Program assists clients with identifying people, places and things that may be a threat to their recovery, as well as teaches proven strategies for handling unavoidable and undesirable circumstances that are common to addiction recovery. Clients in the Aftercare Program can reach out to our rehabilitation counselors at any time for advice, guidance, and support to keep them on track. Contact Rally Point today for the help you need with recovering from addiction.

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