Benefits of Sobriety: The Not-So-Obvious Positive Effects of Sober

benefits of sober recovery in palm beach florida

When it comes to life for those in recovery, there is one undeniable truth: maintaining sobriety for any period of time is beneficial. While some of the advantages of staying sober are obvious, there are a number of benefits of sobriety that is overlooked.

Battling and overcoming drug and alcohol addictions can be one of the most difficult and most rewarding things a person does in their lifetime. Becoming clean and sober has a considerable effect on a person’s day-to-day life. From increased financial stability to improved interpersonal relationships and better overall mental and physical safety, the effects of sobriety are plentiful.

Here are a few examples of how sobriety can positively affect the life of an individual:

  • One of the most easily noticed but sometimes overlooked effects of sobriety is the positive influence it has on a person’s outer looks and feelings. Those who are facing an active addiction typically do not take careful measures when it comes to personal hygiene. Treatment programs help clients relearn these personal care aspects of life so they can once again take pride in their outward appearance. This often affects clients’ self-esteem in a positive way, making them more confident in themselves on the inside as well.
  • Another positive aspect of recovery is the money that is saved in the process. Those overcoming addiction rarely think about how much money they have been losing to their addiction. Both alcohol and illicit or prescription drugs can cost a considerable amount of money. In addition, as the addiction progresses, more of the addictive substance is required, increasing the amount of money being spent. Rehabilitation stays also often cost patients money. Insurance plans help to cover a considerable amount of a patient’s stay in most cases, though out of pocket costs do have the potential to add up. Once a treatment program has been completed, patients will often note they are able to save money for other parts of their life, like hobbies or vacations instead of losing that same amount of money to their addiction.
  • Sobriety also results in a considerable increase in the time and energy an individual has available during their day to day life. Addiction is a time-consuming thing, and without it present anymore there is the potential for other activities or productive parts of life to consume that time. Those who go through treatment programs often discover new passions or hobbies that they enjoy. They now have both time and energy available for these hobbies and tasks, allowing them to further themselves within their passion or work environment.
  • Once sober, many clients are able to rebuild or establish relationships with family members and friends. Addiction of any type has the potential to be detrimental to interpersonal connections. Often friends and even close family members have pushed away throughout the course of an addiction. Once the person dealing with addiction has become sober, there is often a chance for those relationships to be fixed and for bridges to be mended.
  • Sobriety also allows for the potential of new friendships and relationships to grow out of increased social interaction. Because addiction is no longer taking up the patient’s time, that time can be spent doing other things like meeting new people.
  • One of the most unique opportunities sobriety presents a person with the ability to help another person in their sobriety. Whether in friendship, sponsor-sponsee relationship, or even a professional sense, being an ally in another individual’s sobriety is a rewarding and beneficial aspect of one’s own sobriety.
  • Lastly, being sober leads to a reduction in the number of high-danger situations a person is in. Addiction and obtaining illegal substances often put people into potentially harmful situations. Without the need for those interactions, the number of real-life dangerous situations decreases.

Sobriety gives patients a chance to move forward in their life instead of dwelling with past mistakes. Treatment programs can help clients work through past trauma, depression and other mental disorders, and help instill positive coping methods and thinking patterns. Once sobriety is established, underlying issues that may be causing or affecting the addiction can be addressed.

While getting clean on your own may sound like a good idea, attending a treatment program has been shown to decrease the likelihood of relapse after an addiction. Finding support and correcting negative behaviors in an external setting away from possible triggers is important. For those looking into alcohol and drug rehabilitation options, South Florida may be the perfect place.

The Recovery Capital Of The World

Believe it or not, South Florida has more to offer than gorgeous beach views and sunshine. In fact, we are often touted as the Recovery Capital of the World. No matter the type of treatment you need, we have something available for you.

  • Different resources within close proximity: Our location in Palm Beach gives clients access to an array of other resources locally.
  • Access to necessary specialized care: Clients are able to visit local mental health specialists and are at times referred to those specialists by our staff.
  • Sober support networks: These types of communities are popular in South Florida, which helps clients maintain sobriety.
  • A number of different 12-step programs: In South Florida, a number of different 12-step programs are available, which makes finding one that is gender-specific or geared towards specific needs easier.

At Rally Point Palm Beach, Florida, we are proud to offer a number of different drug and alcohol treatment programs. Here are a few of the reasons so many people choose to attend treatment at Rally Point:

  • We offer a distraction and trigger-free environment
  • Clients receive personalized attention from staff
  • Clients are able to focus on their treatment as they are given privacy to do so
  • Clients in treatment programs are more likely to succeed in recovery
  • We offer services for co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders
  • Loved ones are able to be involved in the treatment process
  • Beautiful local views and weather

Our team of staff here at Rally Point is trained in Trauma-Induced Care. TIC is a form of care that involves understanding, recognizing, and correctly responding to the effects of any type of trauma. TIC ensures the safety and wellbeing of both client and staff, and helps clients regain a sense of control over themselves.

Clients also have access to a number of different therapies during their stay, including adventure therapy, animal therapy, yoga and meditation and more.

With outpatient programs, clients are able to receive support every step of the way.

Contact us today to take a look at our programs. Here at Rally Point in West Palm Beach, we want to help you get sober for life.

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