Drug Rehab For Men | Benefits of Gender-Specific Treatment

Once you have made the decision to get help for your drug addiction, often the next question is “How?” There are a variety of factors to consider when you search for an addiction treatment program like location, duration, and after-care, but one factor that is often overlooked is if the program is gender-specific. At first glance, this might seem like an unimportant detail, however, gender-specific addiction treatment offers many benefits.

Men and Women Have Different Needs and Issues

Now, we’re not saying that “Men are from Mars and women are from Venus” but there are distinctions between men and women when it comes to addiction. Men are more likely to have a substance abuse disorder than women and for different reasons. When women are in an addiction treatment program, they often need to address issues like sexual abuse, eating disorders, and unhealthy relationships.

Men, however, often need to address other types of issues like anger management, father/son relationships, and emotional distance. Not only do men have different underlying problems, they also tend to enter treatment later in their addiction than women do, which can affect the type of treatment needed. That is why Rally Point is a male-only facility because gender-specific treatment is more likely to help male patients achieve sobriety than a mixed-gender facility.

Why You Should Choose Gender-Specific Drug Addiction Treatment

Going to a gender-specific treatment program isn’t a 100% guarantee for success, but it offers many advantages over mixed-gender programs.

  • Statistics show a better success rate for gender-specific programs
  • Fewer distractions in treatment (i.e. sexual attractions and relationships) allow for more focus and concentration
  • Better communication as some patients will share more openly with members of the same sex
  • Male-only programs allow us to concentrate only on the unique experiences and issues that affect men
  • Bonding tends to be stronger among same sex groups (e.g. male-bonding, brotherhood, etc.)

A strong support system within a treatment program is key to recovery, and gender-specific treatment is one of the most effective ways to provide that support. By offering male-only drug addiction treatment, we’re able to provide our patients a more individualized treatment program rather than a one-size-fits-all approach that can be seen at larger, mixed-gender facilities.

Male-Only Addiction Treatment Program in South Florida

Many addiction treatment centers are starting to offer more gender-specific rehabilitation due to the benefits it offers. Although co-ed settings are still the norm, men-only and women-only treatment facilities (or programs inside co-ed facilities) are growing due to strong demand. When it comes to finding a gender-specific program, you should consider what other services the facility offers to see if it’s a right fit for you.

For example, we offer unique services like adventure therapy and on-site fishing which not only promote physical and emotional wellness, but strengthens community bonding and trust. Since we’re located in South Florida, our year-round tropical weather allows our clients to participate in group outdoor activities in any season.

Instead of worrying about how you will appear in front of the opposite sex, male-only and female-only treatment programs help the addict focus on what’s most important: lasting recovery.

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