Best Alcohol Rehab Centers | Can I Detox Alone?

Detox is the crucial first step of treating alcohol addiction. However, alcohol detox can be very dangerous and no one should detox alone. Rather, all detoxes should be supervised by medical professionals. People who have been drinking heavily for weeks, months, or years can be affected by a condition known as Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome. This illness is potentially life-threatening and can occur when someone addicted to alcohol stops or significantly reduces their alcohol consumption. This is why supervision from alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Florida is essential for a safe detox from alcohol.

Not only can alcohol rehabs provide you with a safe environment for detox, but they can also assist you long-term by helping you develop a healthy lifestyle without alcohol. Keep reading to learn more

3 Stages of Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Stage 1: Evaluation

Upon entering alcohol rehabilitation facilities in Florida, you are medically diagnosed and your addiction is assessed. This is also the point where other possible co-occurring medical or psychological disorders are determined.

Stage 2: Stabilization

The objective in this stage is to achieve a substance-free state. During this time, medications may be prescribed to help with the addiction process, especially if you have a history of heavy use.

Stage 3: Determining the Root Cause

Since even the most successful treatment of alcohol withdrawal syndrome doesn’t address the underlying disease of addiction, it should always be followed by an alcohol abuse treatment program. Once your body is free of alcohol, treatment can begin to help you get in the right mindset for recovery and to learn how to address your alcohol addiction outside of rehab.

Seek Alcohol Rehabilitation Facilities in Florida for Detox Assistance

It can’t be said enough that attempting detox on your own is unsafe. Luckily, we here to help. Here at Rally Point, we have a team of licensed and certified addiction clinicians that understand all the stages of recovery from an alcohol addiction. Contact us to begin your journey towards long-term sobriety today.

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