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Anyone with a substance abuse problem who has tried to stop drinking on their own will tell you that it can feel impossible and that they tried many, many times. They will also likely tell you that they couldn’t get clean and sober alone, they had to seek professional help from an alcohol treatment program. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to find the alcohol treatment center that is right for you.

Why You Need to Find the Right Alcohol Rehab in Florida

Because addiction to substances is a disease, it typically takes a lot of support and works to achieve remission from it. While you may hear stories of individuals who beat their addictions on their own, that isn’t usually the case. Most people suffering from addiction need treatment and the help of professionals who are experienced in helping people with substance abuse disorders.

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The reason that alcoholism is so hard to break free from is that it affects your brain chemistry, making it more than a case of just not having enough willpower. When you become addicted to alcohol, your brain is changed in such a manner that it becomes nearly impossible to stop your drinking. As you drink, your brain is deluged with excessive amounts of the pleasurable neurotransmitter, dopamine.

The addicted brain will want to continue to have those pleasurable feelings, causing intense cravings for more alcohol. Over a period of time, the pleasure center of the brain will begin to operate unrestrained, making drinking alcohol your main priority – and then, oftentimes, your only priority. When this happens, it makes it impossible to think rationally, so even the negative consequences that accompany addiction are not enough to make a person stop drinking.

For many people who are addicted to alcohol, the only way to obtain long-lasting sobriety is by attending a residential or outpatient drug and alcohol treatment program. Finding the right alcohol treatment facility means finding a program that will meet your specific needs. An addiction rehab that tailors programs to fit the needs of clients, is a great place to start. 

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How Does Finding the Right Alcohol Rehab Centers Help Addiction?

In treatment, you will have access to addiction education, learning new coping skills, therapy, and psychiatric care if you need it. Additionally, you will have the support you need to begin recovery from your peers and professionals at the rehab center. The right alcohol rehab center will provide you with individualized treatment that is specific to you and your needs. 

Individualized treatment is essential to recovery from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Just as each addict is unique, with their own set of issues and underlying causes for their addiction, so must be their treatment. What works for one person in terms of treatment, may not work for another. So, finding a treatment facility that will work with each patient individually to discover their needs and best treatment options, is crucial. There is no one-size-fits-all model of recovery. Each individual has to work with therapists, doctors, and other addiction professionals to determine what will work best for them.  

Some of the other benefits of seeking help from alcohol rehab facilities include:

  • Medically-supervised detoxification – Alcohol detox can be dangerous, and it should never be attempted without medical supervision. Alcohol detox facilities in Florida make it safer and more comfortable as you rid your body of alcohol.
  • Therapy – Alcohol treatment programs generally offer both individual and group therapy with therapists who specialize in addiction therapy.
  • Psychiatric care – It’s common for people suffering from addiction to have underlying mental health issues that require psychiatric care and medication as part of their treatment.
  • Coping skills – People who are addicted to alcohol often only have one tool for dealing with life – drinking alcohol. Treatment programs for alcohol addiction provide other options for how to deal with life’s challenges.
  • Relapse prevention techniques – Once out of treatment, it’s important to know relapse prevention techniques and how to deal with triggers that may occur.
  • Aftercare – Most rehab programs have aftercare programs for clients who complete their treatment programs.

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Is a Gender-Specific Alcohol Rehab Right for You?

There are a number of reasons it may be wise to pick a gender-specific treatment program or facility. While it does not guarantee success in the program, it does have a number of advantages over mixed-gender treatment programs.

Gender-specific treatment programs have been shown to have a better success rate when compared to mixed-gender treatment programs.

Members of the same sex oftentimes feel more comfortable with each other. This is especially important during the rehabilitation process, as the people around you will see you when you are very vulnerable. Much in the same way a person may be more comfortable with a doctor of the same sex, those in addiction recovery programs may feel more comfortable being completely honest and expressing themselves with someone of the same sex.

For heterosexual men and women, being in mixed-gender addiction treatment programs has the potential to be distracting. Bonds form easily between the people in treatment together, and at times that can result in sexual attraction or even a relationship. While the idea of meeting someone who can identify with you on such a deep level may sound enticing, there is a chance forming a relationship too early in the recovery process or starting a relationship with the wrong person may be detrimental to recovery and result in relapse.

Gender-specific treatment programs allow for more gender-focused treatment. The topics that are covered in gender-specific treatment programs target the experiences and issues that affect that gender. These issues can then be delved into on a deeper level, as they are the only issues that need to be focused on.

Bonding among those in gender-specific treatment programs is also at times easier. For men, it can sometimes be easier to bond together over a sense of brotherhood, whereas bonding with someone of the opposite sex can sometimes be more difficult.

Choosing the Right Florida Alcohol Treatment Center

When it comes to deciding upon the right Florida alcohol rehab program, there are a number of factors to consider. Location, cost, duration of the program, whether it is gender-specific, and other aspects of treatment are often considered when choosing a treatment program. Careful and thorough consideration of these factors will help you find the best fit for you and your individual needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Florida Alcohol Treatment Centers

How much does rehab cost in Florida?

The cost of rehab varies depending on the specific facility and on the type of treatment program you attend. As the level of care goes up, so will the cost. In other words, it is more expensive to attend residential treatment than it is to attend outpatient programs. However, you shouldn’t allow that to dissuade you from attending the level of care you need. The important thing to remember about choosing to seek addiction treatment is that it may be a life-saving decision. When you think about it in those terms, you can see that the cost of treatment, even residential, is well worth the cost.

How can you pay for rehab in Florida?

Fortunately, most rehab centers in Florida do accept insurance. While that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket, most insurance policies will provide at least a portion of the cost. How much your insurance provider will cover depends on the specific plan you have. As you begin looking for a rehab in Florida to attend, it’s a good idea to check with your insurance company to see what they cover. Then, you can check with addiction treatment facilities to see if they accept your insurance. If there are out-of-pocket expenses, rehabs will frequently help you with a payment plan.

How long does detox take?

The length of time it takes to detox from drugs or alcohol varies from person to person. Different substances affect individuals differently, so there is a wide range of time that it can take to complete detox. There are various factors that will affect how long it takes including how long you have used alcohol, the amount and frequency that you drank, and your overall health and medical conditions. That said, the general timeframe for alcohol detox is anywhere from a few days to about two weeks. However, withdrawal symptoms can linger longer than that for some people.

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