Adventure Therapy | Benefits of Adventure Therapy During Addiction Recovery

One of the most beneficial aspects of any rehabilitation program is the therapy services provided to clients throughout their stay. One fairly common and incredibly valuable type of therapy is adventure therapy. Adventure therapy is one of the most popular types of experiential therapy that exists.

What is Adventure Therapy?

The purpose of adventure therapy is to promote mental healing and clarity while taking part in some type of external activity or experience. Adventure therapy typically focuses on self-improvement while at the same time partaking in some type of outdoor or nature-related activity. Oftentimes, adventure therapy allows clients to experience environments and activities they may never have come across before. Within those new environments, clients are encouraged to take what are known as calculated risks. These are challenges that have been thought through, meant to challenge clients in a healthy manner, while also keeping them safe and under the watch of medical professionals. Taking part in new activities and succeeding in new challenges helps clients find the strength and motivation within themselves which helps make it easier to learn other aspects of their rehabilitation program like coping skills and how to make healthy decisions.

A natural setting or environment also oftentimes promotes an internal dialogue with oneself. This can help clients think through their lives and meditate on how to move forward, while also being a little removed from the situation they were previously in. Being able to take that step back and examine the changes that need to be made within their lives is more easily achievable for most in natural environments.

Adventure therapy commonly requires critical thinking on the part of the client, and at times activities may require teamwork, helping clients to form social bonds while also working through trauma.

3 Benefits of Adventure Therapy During Addiction Recovery

There are a vast number of reasons that adventure therapy has been found to be beneficial for those going through addiction recovery. Adventure therapy does different things for each person, as the way clients respond to different types of therapy can always vary. Here are a few common benefits that come with participating in adventure therapy.

You Learn How to Adjust to Physical Demands

Adventure therapy comes in a number of different activity levels. This is one aspect of this type of therapy that helps make it not only accessible but also useful to those who are differently abled or otherwise. Adventure therapy can range in activity from more challenging things like rock climbing and hiking, to less difficult activities such as nature walks, birding, or horseback riding. The idea of adventure therapy is to challenge yourself physically, so the range of activities available helps ensure clients are able to challenge themselves enough without pushing themselves too far. Feeling their bodies become stronger through adventure therapy and seeing the progress made helps reinforce the sense of accomplishment present in those attending rehabilitation. Expending energy through activities like adventure therapy also helps to decrease stress and anxiety while opening clients up to a place mentally where they are able to make progress in their treatment. As time progresses, an increase in strength both physically and mentally can be incredibly beneficial to those who are taking part in addiction treatment, as they are able to see their progress as well as feel it.

You Find a New Support System

Another large part of adventure therapy is the social aspect of the practice. Clients are commonly asked to work together or to help one another in completing common goals. Those who take part in adventure therapy though a rehabilitation program commonly knows each other prior to taking part in the practice, as they have met before within the rehabilitation program. However, partaking in adventure therapy together often shows who will get along best with whom, and who will be the right type of support for a particular person in the group. Friendships and bonds between those in rehabilitation programs are commonly strengthened through therapies like adventure therapy, where clients are encouraged to help one another to accomplish a common goal. Those who are like-minded commonly gravitate towards each other during these types of therapy. This can help clients form lasting friendships as well as a support group who is able to empathize and sympathize with them.

You Begin to Open Up About Your Addiction

For a large number of people, there seems to be something about nature that makes talking about difficult things a little easier. Maybe it’s something about being away from the hustle and bustle of day-to-day life, or perhaps it could be the way exerting or exhausting yourself physically allows you to open yourself up more mentally. There’s a likely chance it has something to do with a group of people you are with – others who are also vulnerable but are open to discussion and willing to lend an ear. Regardless of the reason, adventure therapy appears to have a special way of helping clients open up not only about their battle with addiction but also about other aspects of their lives they may be having problems with. Like traditional talk therapy, clients are able to speak about other parts of their lives that may be contributing to their addictive behavior, as problems with addiction are oftentimes present due to a combination of different causes. Being able to speak about and work through those types of things helps greatly during recovery. Adventure therapy is one aspect of many rehabilitation programs that have been shown to greatly aid in client recovery, which is what makes it such an important part of a thorough rehabilitation program.

Are You Ready for Adventure Therapy at a Florida Addiction Treatment Center?

Trying different types of therapy can oftentimes feel intimidating, especially when you add new external experiences on top of having to speak on difficult subjects. Gaining the confidence to start on your journey can be scary, but it is important to take that leap of faith. If you think you are ready to start experiencing the benefits from adventure therapy, or even if you are hesitant but curious, please consider giving our Florida treatment center a call. Here at Rally Point Palm Beach, we take pride in our ability to offer adventure therapy to our patients. Surrounded by water systems, we strive to make our adventure therapy as fun as it is beneficial to our clients. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn about adventure therapy, ask any questions you may have, and inquire about the other recovery services we provide.

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