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At Rally Point in West Palm Beach, we offer the latest news and advice for drug addiction help and alcohol addiction help. Our goal is to provide useful information that can help with recovery to anyone who is affected by addiction. If you or someone you know is struggling please call our addiction help hotline now: 1-888-79-RALLY.


A Different Way of Looking at Addiction Treatment

Addiction isn’t the same for every addict so using a one-size-fits-all approach to treatment and recovery not only doesn’t make sense, it’s often ineffective. As a society, we’ve been fed the narrative that addicts must “hit rock bottom” before they’re ready, willing, and able to accept help and live a sober life. We’ve been told that addicts need “tough love” from their loved ones by cutting them out of their lives so they can see the negative impact and consequences of their choices. Sounds harsh, right? That’s because it is. At Rally Point in West Palm Beach, we take a
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